The CEDAW Committee
  • The CEDAW Committee is advisory in nature.  Lack of U.S. ratification prevents the United States from participating in the CEDAW committee proceedings and building partnerships among nations to end human rights abuses and promote the health and well being of women and girls around the world. The U.S. will be in a better position to share best practices by participating in the Treaty process.

  • Until the United States ratifies the Treaty for the Rights of Women, our country cannot credibly demand that countries with weak human rights records and that are notorious for abuses against women live up to their Treaty obligations for improving conditions for women. U.S. actions and policies have far-reaching consequences in signaling issue priorities to other countries and to the international community. 

  • U.S. ratification of this Treaty would make an important global statement about the U.S. joining the international community in support of the most complete international agreement on basic human rights for women.  It would also make an important global statement about the U.S. commitment to stopping discrimination and violence against women globally and to improving the status of women internationally.